The Other Variety Vineyards

People who know me well understand I like physical and mental chalange. That is why we are happy to have lots of little ferments to keep all the unique sites of the hills separate and the nightmare of so many lables. However, every farmer can taste there hard toil. Everytime I here of a small farm doing things properly and seeking the truely practical life, I want to find out if good wine can be made¬† from there patch of land irrispective of variety. Overtime if the relationship holds strong we continue making; Sangiovese, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Gris, Savignon Blanc, Shiraz… It also gives us a variety of wines to drink at home. It is worth mentioning one vineyard above any others, the Dean’s Vineyard.

The Dean’s Vineyard

The 35 year old sangiovese vines are grown by the Dean Family in the Piccadilly Valley. Unfortunately there it is only a small patch, so I only get to play with about a tonne. I hope they see sense in removing the shiraz and cultivating more of this noble variety. Come on Duncan there is too much Shiraz in this world!