The Other Pinot Vineyards

Now that we are an established part of the Basket Range community we have been fortunate enough to find some secluded small vineyards tendered by beautifull people. The vineyards are the ‘Little Creek Vineyard’,  ‘Monomeith Vineyard’, ‘Jim Griggs Vineyard’ and a joint project with the Dean’s of ‘The Deanery Vineyards’.

Little Creek Vineyard

‘‘Little Creek Vineyard’ is a small 10acre block of 114, 115 and 777 Pinot Noir tendered by Suzie Morris and Nigel Hopkins. This Norton summit hillside has a view to the ocean and is warmed by the long afternoon Adelaide sun. The vines exposure and humidity from the ocean is critically important to pinot noir as it softens the wine.

Monomeith Vineyard

Monomeith2 Monomeith1

I with many others love ‘Monomeith’, it’s an ideal 8 acres of clones 115, 114 & mv6 vineyard on the hills side of Norton Summit. It wakes up to the morning sun has humidity and is lovingly cared for by Patrick O’Sullivan.

The Dean’s Vineyard

The 35 year old sangiovese vines are grown by the Dean Family in the Piccadilly Valley. Unfortunately there it is only a small patch, so I only get to play with about a tonne. I hope they see sense in removing the shiraz and cultivating more of this noble variety.

Jim’s Vineyard

An 80 year old vegie grower who wise beyond his years. A true gentleman that the world and the soil is honoured to have. He has retired from pulling cabbages to the simple life of growing pinot.