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Top Benefits of Energy Efficient Pool Pump

As you know, pool pumps can be quite expensive. Therefore, there is a need to install an energy-efficient pool pump to help you. If your pool has a fixed speed, then you may be paying a lot of money in operating costs. It is a good idea to replace the pump and replace it with a variable-speed pentair pool pump. In this way, you can save a lot of money and have control over water circulation. Moreover, you can minimize annoying pump noise.

You Will Save Money

A good reason to install an energy-efficient pump is cost savings. The truth is that the pool is one of the largest energy consumers in your home. Having a single-speed pump can cost you hundreds of dollars each month. However, when you have an energy-efficient, variable-speed pump, it can cost you a lot of money. This leaves you with a lot of money for a nice swimsuit.

You Have Options

The fact that the variable-speed pump has low operational costs, it means you can offset the high upfront costs. It is true it is more expensive to purchase, but you do not have to purchase the whole pump. If you have a single-speed pump, you can replace its motor with a dual-speed motor or variable-speed motor. That is the case if the pump housing and cover are in good shape.

Have Control Over Water Circulation

Do you have waterfalls, spa, or other water features that are attached to the pool? In this case, you should consider installing a variable-speed pump to offer you adequate control over the flow and circulation of water in your fountain or spa. The modern variable-speed pumps allow you to dial the exact speed you want.

Quiet Operation

You should note that single-speed pumps are quite loud. That means they can be quite annoying if there are people or neighbors around. It is advisable to find a pool pump that is quiet. Variable-speed pool pumps are known to be the quietest on the market thanks to totally enclosed fan cooled devices. The new pool pump may be quiet that you need to double-check it.

Match Your Horsepower

When upgrading a pool pump into an energy-efficient one, ensure you match the pump’s horsepower to the pipe size. In fact, the horsepower you use is determined by the size of the pipes. If you have smaller pipes, you cannot install a large horsepower pump, particularly when you want it to run at higher speeds.…

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