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My Wines of 2010

It’s got a bit crazy here and those of you that have email know I am slow to respond, but I do get there. Yes I like email, texts and phone calls and after three years we will be sending out our first news letter, so if you want one email us!
2010 has been a monster year but we rode the pony to our sassy spring collection. But it is the darkening side of the Autumn collection that brings out the serious look. So get into it! try the wines tell us what you think, even order en premier.

spring-releaseSpring Release

  • Savi Blanc
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Gris
  • Natural Red
  • Wildman Pinot
  • Pinot Saignee

Autumn Release

Sold en premier

The Bag of Pinots

  • Little Creak Single Vineyard
  • Monomeith Estate
  • Lucy Margaux Vineyards
  • Jim’s Estate
  • Monomeith Single Vineyard
  • Domaine Lucci
  • Little Creeki Estate

The Rest

  • Merlot
  • Sangiovese
  • Petit Verdot
  • Red

More about the Pinot’s for the Pinot freaks

Lucy Margaux Vineyards has three tiers of Pinot Wines.  The first and second tier of wines are single vineyard and estate wines from our own prodigious estate pinot noir which comes under the label ‘Lucy Marguax Vineyards’ , we also craft wines from to other tiny exclusively pinot estates, from Norton Summit, ‘Little Creek Vineyard’, from Ashton Hills ‘Monomeith Vineyard’ and from the Uraidla Valley ‘Jim’s Vineyard’. The third tier of wine comes under the ‘Domiane Lucci’ label and is a blend of all the fruit that shows more ‘pinot’ characters .We know that the Basket Range terrior is unique and all the wines we produce express this.

The ‘Lucy Margaux Vineyard’ estate grown pinot has been dry land farmed using the biodynamic method from day one. From these small struggling vines we get tiny bunches. The vines are in perfect balance so unlike most growers we do not require the use of pesticides or fungicide. This natural balance is expressed in the wines.

‘Little Creek Vineyard’ is a small 10acre block of 114, 115 Pinot Noir tendered by Suzie Morris and Nigel Hopkins. This Norton summit hillside has a view to the ocean and is warmed by the long afternoon Adelaide sun. The vines exposure and humidity from the ocean is critically important to pinot noir as it softens the wine.

I with many others love ‘Monomeith’, it’s an ideal 8 acres of clones 115, 114 & mv6 vineyard on the hills side of Norton Summit. It wakes up to the morning sun, made mild by the oceans and is lovingly cared for by Patrick O’Sullivan.

Jim, the legand of the Uraidla Valley and 80 years young. He tenders clones 115 and mv6 on black sandy carrot soil. Simply great!

The  ‘Domaine Lucci’ are grown in Basket Range and are made for our own drinking in winter. They are hearty wines and include a Merlot, Petit Verdot and a southern Rhone styled red.